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QV Automotive Engineering provides specialist automotive services for Alfa Romeo and other performance marques. Whether you require an engine rebuild (from standard to full race), the restoration of a pair of carburettors or a whole car, a bespoke part designed and manufactured for your vehicle: QV Automotive Engineering can help you. Located in Canberra, but providing services across Australia and beyond.

We offer you personalized and professional service to help your cherished vehicle attain the level of performance you desire. 

QV Automotive Engineering is a product of Luke Clayton’s love and affinity for all things mechanical. An appreciation of  Italian vehicles and engineering grew from the first Alfa Romeo he owned at age 20. 

While the name is new, the dedication to delivering the finest quality automotive engineering services at affordable rates is not. QVAE specializes in all Classic Alfa Romeo 105, 116 and 160 series Alfa Romeo (and V6 Busso engines), Ferrari, Lancia and Fiat vehicles. 


QVAE also will take on automotive engineering projects of other performance marques and vehicles. 

The QV Automotive Engineering team consists of:

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